Collection: In my own ERA

Welcome! I just wanted to touch base real fast!

✷t-shirts are bella canvas and are TTS so I would order how you normally do, or size up for longer wear

✷shirt TAT (orders without blankets) are a 2 week TAT, 3 max depending on the demand, but never that late. I start ordering and putting in the supply orders as they start coming in, in batches.

WHILE EVERYTHING SHIRT RELATED IS SET TO BE ABLE TO MAKE IT IN TIME FIR THE 13th PREMIERE HOWEVER IT IS AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION TO ORDER TO HAVE FOR THAT DATE. You can also reach out and let me know you need it at a priority for that date and we can add a rush fee of $5 for shirts only.

Now onto blankets!

Blanket listings are a preorder and will ship by the week of OCTOBER 13th  PRE ORDER WILL CLOSE THURSDAY AT MIDNIGHT CST. Please do not order one if you are desperately wanting it for the 13th***

✷Multiple blanket size options measuring 30" x 40" or 50" x 60"

✷ Made in the USA
✷100% polyester minky fleece fabric on both sides and a one-sided print
✷SUPER soft to touch



With proper care, your minky blanket should last many years. The most common potential issue with minky blanket care arises when customers try to wash with any type of fabric softener or Pod type detergents. The synthetic additives in these products can get caught in the extremely fine minky fibers and take away from the blankets softness over time. Please follow the below care instructions for best results:

Cold Wash Only on Gentle Cycle
Liquid or Powered Detergent Only
No Fabric Softener or POD Type Detergents
Tumble Dry Low Heat

30” x 40” medium sized blankets. Great for toddlers and babies

50” x 60” and is great for mom and dad cuddles with their babes!


Everything is a hand made item. Due to the handmade nature of these items and their quality is where a pre order is the safest and most efficient option. Items have never taken longer then they needed and everything is ordered in batches. PRE ORDER will be open for 5 business days before closing to fulfill orders. Once items have been hand drawn (if needing) and supplies have been ordered, we can open up another round of pre orders